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An education program about Six Sigma methods and tools that gives results

This program introduces the many methods and tools that are essential to obtaining conclusive results when solving problems and working with continuous improvements in Six Sigma Green Belt projects. There is an emphasis on practical applications and how to achieve good results. The main objective is problem solving and process development in both manufacturing and service processes. What the participants learn is also suitable for basic problem solving in other improvement concepts like Lean, TQM and Kaizen.

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To provide the knowledge and ability to apply effective methods and tools used in continuous improvements and problem solving. Further, you will gain the knowledge and ability to apply these methods and tools effectively which lead to substantial improvements in profitability, cost efficiency, and customer satisfaction. After completion of the course, participants will be able to analyse and improve process output more effectively. The course offers a Green Belt diploma in Six Sig-ma.

– Quality, customer focus and business development
– Identifying improvement opportunities and selecting projects
– Organization, rolls and responsibilities for improvement work
– Methods for problem solving
– Basic project management for improvement projects
– Define a problem and set a scope
– Customer and process perspective on improvements
– Implementation of solutions
– Measure and understand the problem
– Root cause analysis and techniques for solving problems
– Controlling and follow-up improvements
– Introduction to statistical analysis
– Practical statistics
– Control charts
– Capability studies

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Persons that take part in, or will take part in, improvement teams or problem solving Green Belt projects.

Participants will receive relevant course material which will serve as a useful reference after the course.


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Parallel to the Green Belt training program the participants apply the knowledge learned in an improvement project in the own organization.
All analyses are done using the software Minitab. The software has a free 30-day version which the participants downloads and install on their computers prior to the course. Sandholm Associates have a number of computers available for reservation if necessary.
The lectures will be led by consultants from Sandholm Associates.

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