Problem solving and root-cause analysis (Yellow Belt)

A training course about systematic improvement methodology and basic problem-solving tools

This training course introduces methods and tools that are most important when solving prob-lems and working with continual improvements. The course is based om the Six Sigma DMAIC model and the participants learns how to solve problems and implement the solutions needed to achieve good results. We focus on how to identify, define, understand and solve problems and how to implement, control and follow up solutions in both manufacturing and service organiza-tions. This course gives a Six Sigma Yellow Belt level. What the participants learn is also suitable for basic problem solving in other improvement concepts like Lean, TQM, Kaizen and 8D. Problem solving methodology and use of ef-fective tools are of great importance to suc-cess when working with continual improve-ments. Important steps in this work are define and scoop problems, identify root causes, find, test and implement solutions, follow-up improvements etc. The Six Sigma DMAIC is the most common model used in this work. It is also critical to have a solid knowledge base over problem-solving methods and QC-tools.

To provide the knowledge and ability to apply effective methods and basic tools used in con-tinual improvements and problem solving.
The course offers a Yellow Belt diploma in Six Sigma.


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Parallel to the course problem-solving projects are carried by the participants in smaller groups with the purpose to develop competence and exchange ex-periences.

The lectures will be led by consultants from Sandholm Associates.

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Persons that take part in, or will take part in, problem solving and improvement teams.

Participants will receive relevant course material which will serve as a useful reference after the course.


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