The Sandholm Way (eng)

The Sandholm Way describes our approach and forms a foundation for how we have adapted and configured our education and the methods our consultants use. The Sandholm Way embodies the principles and approach it applies to an organization. It is based on many years of experience and on how successful Business Improvements should be executed.


Focus on Results

The purpose of Quality Improvement is to obtain results. Various methods and tools are needed so that an organization’s goals can be achieved. An important element though, is not the use of tools and methods per say, but that they are there to facilitate, make improvements, and reach results. Thus, the foundation for modern Quality Improvement must be the result-driven Improvement strategy.


Situation and Operations Customized Approach

There are no instant solutions that fit all situations. The methods and tools of Quality Improvement must be customized to the actual operation and situation. Standard concepts, models, and tools are an important foundation for learning, but it is pertinent from a long-term perspective that these are customized, integrated, and developed.


From Help to Self-help

Improvement efforts must be made by personnel in their specific environment. This is because some of the most crucial improvements often revolve around cultural changes within an organization, building competences, and encouraging personal initiative. Consultants should not take responsibility for the execution, but be there as a supportive factor for: competence building, mentorship, and as an advisor while providing expert knowledge in the field.


Method and Knowledge Development

Our quest is to continuously develop the concepts, methods, and tools that are used in Quality and Improvement strategies. This is the primary reason we are deeply engaged in Business Development research within our field. We have a strong international perspective, simultaneously applying our leadership competence via partnerships, collaborations, and networking. We frequently publish articles and books within our field in order to stay current and share our observations and experience.


Learning and Building on Experience

Quality and Business Development rely on competence. Methods and models are merely learning support tools. In order to build essential competence, one needs substantial theoretical knowledge regarding those concepts, methods, and tools; and a practical learning method, which facilitates the incorporation of the newly acquired knowledge. Our education therefore includes exercises, case studies, and individual project assignments.


Leadership and Changes in the Workplace Culture

Successful Quality and Business Development builds upon articulate and engaged leadership. The organization’s leadership must encourage and create the necessary conditions for this. The accumulated knowledge of all employees should be taken into account while trusting confidence in their abilities and enabling them as active participants in their role.  This is simply a step towards an extensive change in work culture that will put the customer’s focus in the center and direct the organization’s processes from a total perspective. We therefore put much emphasis on the leadership role and its significance.


Our client´s results are our foundation for success

Throughout the 40+ year time-span Sandholm Associates has been in existence, it has been the leading player in Quality in Northern Europe. Our most important marketing strategy has always been our reputation. We consider our success a direct result of the effects and results of the new approaches and the acquired knowledge we have introduced to our clients. At times, it is our place to challenge the client who may have preconceived ideas, to think outside the box and find the path to success.