Total Quality Management

1. Quality:conformance quality. Quality parameters. Quality is related to customers. Customer needs. Customers’ perception of quality. Total quality.
2. The evolution of total quality: Historical background. Areas of current interest. Five phases in development.

3. Profitability and quality

4. Good examples: Japan shows the way. Recognised champions. Effective strategies. The EFQM Excellence Model.
5. Co-ordination for quality: Functions involved. The quality cycle. The need for co-ordination. Quality planning. QFD – a tool for quality planning. The Juran Trilogy.

6. Development of goods and services. A structured approach. Quality verfication.

7. Specifications: Product requirements. Seriousness classification of requirements. Product specification.

8. Processes: Process orientation. Process hierarchy. Three roles in every process. Process mapping. Process analysis. Process variation.  Process capability. Process control. Process evaluation. Process ownership.

9. Procurement and quality: Quality related procurement activities. Selecting suppliers. Quality verification. Quality management systems.

10. Marketing and quality: Market orientation. Customer relationships. Structured quality analysis. Information from customers. Complaints.

11. Inspection: Meaning. Forms of inspection. Acceptance inspection. Inspection planning. Inspection data feedback.

12. Quality information: Data feedback. Failures and defects. Poor quality costs. Quality audits. Quality assessment. Benchmarking. Balanced scorecard.

13. Improving quality: Sporadic problems. Chronic problems. Quality improvement sequence. Quality improvement in practice. Continuous quality improvement.

14. Human performance in quality: Individual controllable and system controllable problems. Prerequisites for good results. The manager as a quality leader. Quality training and education. Front-office personnel and quality.
15. Quality leadership: Quality policy. Quality goals. Quality  system. Quality organisation.
16. Strategic quality plan