Statistical Process Analysis

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An education program on making better decisions based on facts

There are variations in all processes in both manufacturing and service-producing activities. There may be variations between different product examples, different times, different service occasions, different customers, etc. If the variations are large in relation to the requirements set, errors, shortcomings and deviations are easily listed. If good results are to be achieved, it is important to analyse, reduce and control these variations using statistical methods. In addition, statistical analysis of data creates an opportunity to make fact-based decisions. In today’s businesses, this need is increasing rapidly as the amount of available data becomes increasingly large. This course teaches you to make decisions on facts and thus avoid taking wrong ones decisions unnecessarily.

After completing the training, the participants should be able to apply the methods included in statistical process control (SPS) in practical work and interpret analysis results of data.

– Introduction to statistical analysis
– Practical statistics
– Control charts
– Capability studies

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In the education, theory reviews are interspersed with exercises in the form of practice cases, discussions and group work. The focus of the education is not on mathematical derivations but on analyses of real practical cases.

Throughout, the program Minitab is used. All practice cases are carefully documented in the course literature, which facilitates learning and repetition. Own computer with the software Minitab should be brought to the course. The program is not included in the course fee. Minitab can be installed in a free 30-day trial.

Statistical process analysis autumn 2024:
October 16 and 23-24 (online)

Online via Zoom


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People involved in evaluation and follow-up of results, process development, quality control, manufacturing, finance and sales.

Books: Statistical Process analysis
PDF from Power Points in the course


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